Beautiful building sets
connect with magnets
to ignite imaginations!

*** Coming Holiday 2014 ***

What People Are Saying

  • chronicle_logo2  "Reimagining the building block: Oakland mom creates innovative toy to teach STEM."  see article
  • "It's fantastic. It gets girls building, being creative, and playing cooperatively."  – Mike Wood, Founder of Leapfrog and SmartyAnts
  • "Thank goodness! We've been dismayed by the lack of girls in our engineering classes. Once they are in they love it but it's all about appealing to them and this toy has that appeal." – Teacher at Natural Science Academy
  • “Super modern dollhouse meets Magnatiles.”– mom of toy tester
  • “Taps into a child's creativity.” – mom of toy tester
  • “I’ve experienced a lot of dollhouses but not a magnetic one you can design yourself.”— 8 year old toy tester
  • “I like that it is a building toy that targets girls and leverages things that girls are typically interested in.” – mom of 4 year old girl
  • “It’s better than Magnatiles because there are pictures. I like pictures better than plain things.” – Raimi, age 7
  • “I haven’t seen anything like it." – Caitlin, age 9
  • “It’s one small thing we can take on a trip and they will play with it for hours.” - mom of Gigi, age 7.