Capture her imagination and inspire her to build with magnetic construction sets from Build & Imagine.

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Illustrated building sets that connect magnetically to inspire storytelling.


What Adults Are Saying

  • dr_toy"Perfect for little hands and big imaginations! Will provide hours of fun and language development."—Stevanne Auerbach, PhD (Dr. Toy)
  • chronicle_logo2 "Reimagining the building block: Oakland mom creates innovative toy to teach science, technology, engineering, and math."  see article
  • pal_sliderTop 10 toys of 2014 award: "A perfect intersection of engineering and language learning." —Play on Words see article  
  • bragging_mommy "Sometimes I feel like their aren’t many girls construction sets but this one is perfect!"—Briann (The Bragging Mommy) see article
  • CoolMomPicks_wide_just_hand "This is one fun construction toy for kids that combines playing with dolls with an active building experience."Cool Mom Picks see article
  • women2 "Founders to watch in Oakland." see article
  • CommonSenseMedia "Hot Trends From Toy Fair: Build & Imagine invites girls to combine StoryWalls into worlds where their imaginations can soar." see article
  • "It's fantastic! It gets girls building, being creative, and playing cooperatively."Mike Wood, Founder of LeapFrog
  • “Super modern dollhouse meets Magnatiles.”mom of toy tester
  • “I like that it is a building toy that targets girls and leverages things that girls are typically interested in.”mom of 4 year old girl
  • “It’s one small thing we can take on a trip and they will play with it for hours.”mom of Gigi, age 7.

What Kids Are Saying

  • “I love it. This is like a design program where you build your own town and see the sights.”Blanca, Age 9
  • “I haven’t seen anything like it."Caitlin, age 9
  • “It’s better than other building toys because there are pictures. I like pictures better than plain things.”Raimi, age 7
  • “Characters look unique compared to the same doll face you see everywhere.”9 year old
  • “I’ve experienced a lot of dollhouses but not a magnetic one you can design yourself.”8 year old toy tester

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