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Build & Imagine StoryWalls

Watch your child become a designer, builder, and storyteller right before your eyes.
Build & Imagine’s colorful illustrated StoryWalls connect magnetically
to build a world where dress-up characters work and play.

It’s the fun of a dollhouse with the enrichment of a building toy.

Easily change things up and create a whole new adventure, for endless imaginative play.


award-winning magnetic building sets

  • huff_slider"Build & Imagine: Many girls love playing with dollhouses. But, some girls also love building their own dollhouses."
  • dr_toy"Perfect for little hands and big imaginations! Will provide hours of fun and language development."—Stevanne Auerbach, PhD (Dr. Toy)
  • american_slider"a clever cross between Legos and a dollhouse."—Good Life Guide
  • chronicle_logo2 "Reimagining the building block: Oakland mom creates innovative toy to teach science, technology, engineering, and math."  see article
  • “I couldn’t believe how long this play-set kept them occupied . . . and working together.”—Kailani (Island Life) see review
  • "This set sparked my daughter’s interest in building and science. I love seeing her build like my boys always have."—Cher (Mom and More) see review
  • "It's fantastic! It gets girls building, being creative, and playing cooperatively."Mike Wood, Founder of LeapFrog
  • pal_sliderTop 10 toys of 2014 award: "A perfect intersection of engineering and language learning." —Play on Words see article  
  • bragging_mommy "Sometimes I feel like their aren’t many girls construction sets but this one is perfect!"—Briann (The Bragging Mommy) see article
  • CoolMomPicks_wide_just_hand "This is one fun construction toy for kids that combines playing with dolls with an active building experience."Cool Mom Picks see article
  • CommonSenseMedia "Hot Trends From Toy Fair: Build & Imagine invites girls to combine StoryWalls into worlds where their imaginations can soar." see article
  • “Melds the good fun of magnets, doll houses, and building sets and is truly reinventing play time!”—Amber (Thrifty Mom) see review
  • “Katie used her imagination for hours and had a wonderful time with this low-tech toy. It was a breath of fresh air!”—Beth (Musing Maniac) see review
  • "It’s easy to set up and clean up, and perfect for us to bring along to grandmas house."—Elaina (A Time Out For Mommy) see article
  • "I cannot discount my pride that I'll be giving the coolest grandparent gift ever! "Bob Morrison, retired priest
  • “Super modern dollhouse meets Magnatiles.”mom of 7 year old

What Kids Are Saying

  • “I love it. This is like a design program where you build your own town and see the sights.”Blanca, Age 9
  • “I haven’t seen anything like it."Caitlin, age 9
  • “It’s better than other building toys because there are pictures. I like pictures better than plain things.”Raimi, age 7
  • “Characters look unique compared to the same doll face you see everywhere.”9 year old
  • “I’ve experienced a lot of dollhouses, but not a magnetic one you can design yourself.”8 year old
The magnetic dollhouse you design yourself.

What's Happening at Build & Imagine

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    Touch, taste, smell, oh my! Sensory play to save the day

    Appealing to your child’s senses (hearing, tasting, touching, tasting, smelling) can enhance the play experience and activate parts of the brain that normally remain dormant during traditional play time!…

  • Best Building Toy of Year
    Best Building Toy of Year

    Build & Imagine’s Marine Rescue Center was awarded with Creative Child Magazine‘s Best Building Toy award! Only one toy a year is honored with this. About Build & Imagine’s...

Draw & Build Dollhouse

Now you can illustrate your own scenes with our Draw & Build Dollhouse.



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