What we play with matters. Toys help to shape our view of the world and develop important skills. 

Building toys have been one of hottest categories, and I just wasn’t seeing a lot of options that are especially engaging for girls. So what I did was combine several things girls have historically loved.

Build & Imagine StoryWalls are like building blocks meets dollhouse meets dress-up dolls. It’s a unique mashup featuring adventurous characters and rich illustrated details that inspire girls and boys alike to build and imagine.

In the past, toy companies designed their construction toys almost exclusively for boys. Thankfully, they are now starting to invite girls to build, but many are doing so by taking their existing construction sets and turning them pink. I call it “pink think”.

We can approach toy design in a more thoughtful way, and doing so is important. The simple act of combining shapes to form a three dimensional structure helps kids to develop foundation skills for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Skills like spatial reasoning, problem solving, creativity, and design.

Toys can make a difference. Let’s invite all children to Build and Imagine.

Thank you for your support on this fun journey.
Grown up kid, mom, and inventor Laurie Peterson



Build & Imagine StoryWalls

Magnetic building sets that spark storytelling.

Build & Imagine StoryWall play-sets contain illustrated scenes that children
can build, decorate, and use as a backdrop for imaginative play.

We call them StoryWalls because it’s like building a
storybook setting in 3-D and then jumping in to play!

Sets include wooden dress-up doll(s), illustrated building panels that
combine magnetically to create endless combinations,
and dozens of magnetic accessories to customize your scene.

Easily change things up and create a whole new adventure for endless imaginative play.

Endless Variations Spark Creativity

Build it a new way, every time you play! Durable StoryWall panels connect magnetically.

Dressing characters

Customize your adventure.

Magnetic accessories stick to the panel walls and wooden dress-up characters.

Playing together

Let your imagination run wild!

Mix and match multiple play-sets to build a larger scene for endless storytelling possibilities.


Created by the 2015 “Rising Star Toy Inventor of the Year”

Laurie PetersonLaurie Peterson is an award winning toy designer and mom from Oakland California, with a decade of experience designing and marketing toys.

Laurie founded Build & Imagine after noticing that the kind of play experiences she loved as a child (involving building, problem solving, designing and experimenting) were not well reflected in the “girls” section of most toy stores. She aims to create construction toys that both girls and boys will love.

Laurie was a toy designer and marketer for Leapfrog, the leading educational electronic toy company. Laurie’s products won the “Most Educational Toy of the Year“, “Most Innovative Toy of the Year“, and “Best Toy of the Year” from the TIA award show, which is like the Oscars for toys. In 2011 she earned her MBA from Haas school of Business at UC Berkeley with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. She then went on to become the VP of Marketing for Sifteo, a start-up creating a new tactile game system called Sifteo Cubes.

Laurie Founded Build & Imagine in 2013 with a successful kickstarter campaign. In the year and a half since launch, Build & Imagine has won more than 25 awards, has more than 200 five star reviews on Amazon, and can be purchased at Amazon, QVC, Barnes and Noble, Kohls.com, specialty toy stores, and limited Targets this fall.

Where Play Happens

Build & Imagine’s office is located in downtown Berkeley California.
We are part of SkyDeck, the UC Berkeley start-up accelerator program. Contact us.

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