Help! My kid won’t open any other Christmas presents!

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A proud builder, excitedly showing her dad her Build & Imagine creation

A proud builder, excitedly showing her dad her Build & Imagine creation

Build & Imagine magnetic building sets are soon to be under a few Christmas trees. I am pleased to share stories of Build & Imagine delighting kids from last Christmas. From seeing a photo titled “never seen her so proud” to hearing from parents  that “it was the best gift of Christmas,” your photos and words warmed my heart (I’m the inventor!). In particular, this letter from a mom made me tear up and have a new appreciation for unopened gifts on Christmas.

fireplace“WE ARE OBSESSED WITH YOUR PLAYSETS!  My daughter is in heaven and I actually love playing with them too.  My favorite is the Marine Rescue set (because I love the little otter and turtle magnets and the whole idea behind it), but my daughter loves the beach sets.  Her favorite part is the fold-down window at the “take-out” cafe — and she loves acting out a cafe purchase scene with her “customers” (sometimes the magnetic figures from the set, but just as often her My Little Ponies, etc.).  The illustrations on both the blocks and the magnets are so detailed and adorable – and the choices you made for what magnet “accessories” to include was really spot on (as they are all original and spark a lot of conversation with my daughter).  The sets are so versatile because our other magnets work on the walls with the stars too – so she can add her small alphabet magnets and the other magnetic animals and cakes she has from other sets.  She also adds some of her (lighter) wooden furniture to her builds – so we’re truly getting not only the construction element, but also the imaginative play/dollhouse aspect. “

jessica_1“We opened the three sets on Christmas and she still hasn’t opened ANY other gift because she says she doesn’t want them – she just wants to play with these Build & Imagine sets.  The cutest part is she always sings while she plays with them for some reason; she explained it helps her concentrate on building!  (She just interrupted this email to ask whether Santa had any more like this for next year; please say yes!!).   Honestly, the price on these sets was so reasonable — and I can’t wait for you to release new sets as I will happily buy them all!  I posted some reviews on Amazon but will update them now that we’ve played with them more and I’ve seen some of the creative uses that only a child could think of while using them. 🙂  THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER for making our holiday so special with this item.  This is honestly the best purchase I have ever made!”

After I expressed my gratitude I received this followup email the next day:

Received Dec 31st

Standing_proud“Aw, I’m so happy my last email made you happy. She played with these sets for 4 STRAIGHT HOURS yesterday. And she’s not one of those “big attention span” kids (and is only 4).  I wish I had a video of her first opening them to show you.  She went through each “tile” and stared at it for maybe 2 full minutes (long for a 4 year old) and pointed out all the details.  This set has also breathed a whole new life into our older magnet sets – like those Mudpuppy brand ones — adding her old magnets to the set. Please let me know when you have new products for sale — I can’t wait to see what she does with them!!!!”







Laurie Peterson, an award-winning toy designer and mother, founded Build & Imagine after noticing that the kinds of play experiences she enjoyed as a child (involving building, creativity, and experimentation) were poorly represented in the girls’ section of most toy stores. She now develops magnetic building toys with leading female characters and rich narrative details to engage both girls and boy.




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